The Staff

Youri Cormier

Known to take on wild cross-continental cycling and canoeing expeditions, Youri is a former Concordia University and Royal Military College student, and recently completed a PhD in War Studies at King's College London in the U.K. He has held research and speechwriting roles with NATO (PA) in Brussels and the Dept. of National Defence here in Canada. After teaching International Politics and Human Rights & Justice on behalf of Johns Hopkins University, Youri served as the National Director of the Sierra Youth Coalition, Canada's largest youth environmental organization from 2007 to 2009. He is keen on youth-empowerment and interested in understanding and finding solutions to breakdowns in political dialogue, regardless of the shape they take, including political apathy.


Sylvia Tombs

As someone who has always been interested in the way art can affect social change, A is B’s approach is especially unique and exciting to Sylvia. She first got involved as an intern, and is now happy to re-join the team as staff. After finishing her BFA in Art History from Concordia, she taught English to high school students in France, traveled, and ate as much cheese, wine and pastries as she could. She’s now happy to be back in Montreal enjoying everything the city has to offer.


Bekky O’Neil

Bekky O’Neil is a multidisciplinary artist, animator and the Artistic Director of Quality Slippers Productions, a Montreal based company that produces original puppet plays for adult audiences. She is a graduate of Concordia and holds a BFA in Playwrighting. Bekky is usually covered in papier-maché. She dislikes bad manners, but doesn't mind nudity. She believes in acts of resistance, and absurd quantities of garlic – but not in bad grammar.


Carolyn Loutfi

Caro studied Art History and Human Rights at Concordia University and is thrilled to translate these combined interests into her work environment at Apathy is Boring. These two branches of interests have led her to travel the world, meeting and working with people in the fields of social justice and the arts in Nepal, India, Saint Lucia, Lebanon and at home in Montreal. She loves art, research and being out in nature with her dog.

Ben Shemie

Long walks in the park. Romantic moonlit strolls along the canal. Stargazing. He is a catch. He also plays a mean guitar, makes a decent coffee, talks passionately about music, and, lies a lot. He works at Apathy is Boring bringing his charm to the people. Technically he works with volunteers, the internet, and with the boss making sure everything is kosher and running smooth, in reality though, he does so much more. In the words of the Dalai Lama "Ben is a cool guy."

Laura Dunn

Excited about words and any opportunity to use them for a good cause, Laura has been advocating for Indigenous people since she worked in the Inuit community of Cambridge Bay, Nunavut. After her degree in English Literature at U of T, she improved her French while teaching English to kids in France. When she puts down her pen/keyboard, she is cultivating sourdough bacteria to bake her own bread or stretching out her writers block in ballet class.

Our History

On January 4th 2004 - when a public affairs minded dance choreographer from the Yukon, a filmmaker from Montreal, and a photographer / graphic designer from Vancouver island met at a party, the idea of Apathy is Boring was born.

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What We Do

Apathy is Boring accomplishes its goals through the following program areas.

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How can I get involved with Apathy is Boring? You can volunteer, become an intern, come out to our shows and help us spread the word. We are always open to donations and suggestions!

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Visual Distraction

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