A is B’s board of directors is recruiting two new members.

by Apathy is Boring — December 18, 2009


TITLE: Board of directors
STATUS: Volunteer
LOCATION OF MEETINGS: 3831 St-Denis, Montreal Quebec H2W 2M4
STARTING DATE: Mid-February 2010
TERM: 2 Years (with the possibility of renewal)
TO APPLY: Send a resume and cover letter to: board@apathyisboring.com

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Apathy is Boring is a national youth-led non-partisan charitable organization that uses art and technology to educate youth about democracy.

Apathy is Boring’s ‘Youth in Democracy’ goals are:

• To increase youth volunteering rates;
• To increase youth voting rates;
• Build sustainable dialogue between community leaders and youth.



Apathy is Boring’s board of directors is looking to recruit two individuals who have a passion for engaging uninvolved youth (18 – 35 years old) in democracy and who are excited to work to help this dynamic and innovative organization grow.

We are looking to recruit the following:

• One youth between the ages of 18 & 25, who identifies as ‘uninvolved’ or until recently ‘uninvolved’ in their community (for example has never voted or volunteered) but would be excited to work with Apathy is Boring to develop strategies to engage their apathetic peers in our work and;

• One individual who has significant experience in the areas of accounting and/or financial management who has a solid knowledge of charitable organizations.

Our board of Directors is composed of eight members and reflects the core values of Apathy is Boring including professionalism, efficiency, encouraging partnerships & mentorship, being youth-driven, & promoting creativity in the workplace. We hold evening meetings every two months, and directors are expected to volunteer five to ten hours every month including board meetings, committee meetings, & project work with Board, staff, and volunteers. Directors’ mandates are for a duration of two (2) years.



Prospective board members should:

• Have experience and / or interest in the work and the mission of Apathy is Boring;
• Have one of the two profiles mentioned;
• Be bilingual (English and French; the second language must be functional);
• Have leadership ability and experience;
• Be a team player;
• Have experience working with volunteers (asset);
• Have experience being on a board of directors (asset);
• Have knowledge of Canadian politics (asset).

Apathy is Boring is an inclusive organization, and we encourage applications from diverse applicants and under-represented groups. We particularly encourage candidates from aboriginal and cultural communities to apply.


Thank you for your interest in Apathy is Boring. Only candidates selected for an interview will be contacted, but we will add everyone who applies to the Apathy is Boring list serve to ensure that you are kept in the loop about future volunteer opportunities.


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