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Our services will help you and your organization to target youth, include them in your programming and develop long-lasting intergenerational partnerships. Click on a workshop title for more information or get in touch with us.

The Youth Friendly Workshop - For Everyone
Using Technology to Reach Youth - For Everyone
The Civic Participation Workshop - For Youth
Reaching Uninvolved Youth - For Youth

You can download our Workshops and Presentations for Adults One-Pager here.
You can download our Workshops and Presentations for Youth One-Pager here.

The Youth Friendly Workshop: How to Engage Youth in Your Work

Don't know how to reach youth? We're here to help!
So you want to work with youth but don't know where to start? You know that cool is an important word but feel like the latest hip hop trends are a bit out of your league? You want to make sure that the next generation takes up the mission of your organization and keeps it vibrant, but you know that the long meetings and 70s decor in your boardroom probably won't be the vibe young people are into. We're here to help. This presentation will give participants a hands-on interactive guide to effectively engage youth in their work.

Workshop leaders will go through the youth friendly guide, expanding on the various sections and covering topics which include:

•  What does youth engagement mean?
•  Why Outreach is a dirty word.
•  Using technology to reach youth.
•  Finding the fun: Effective meetings, accessible documents, and breaks.
•  Youth in Decision Making: how to make it work.

Workshop Format Length: From 2 hours to a full day, depending on your needs.

Audience: 40 participants or less

Target Audience: Anyone who works (or wants to work) with youth.

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Using Technology to Reach Youth: Why Twitter Might Not Be for You.

So you know all about Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace and you want to reach youth, but you're not sure what being a 'follower' means, and what tweeting has to do with outreach. To learn all the basics about the world of social media and why sometimes it makes sense to stick with good old fashioned email, this workshop is for you.

Facilitators will address topics such as:

•  What is social media anyway and why should my organization care?
•  How online outreach is connected to offline outreach.
•  Why branding and messaging are critical.
•  And when to just say no to the newest / latest thing.

Workshop Format Length: 2 Hours

Audience: 40 participants or less

Target Audience: Anyone who wants to reach out to youth.

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The Civic Participation Workshop: How and Why to Get Involved

"If I want to make a difference, where do I start?" is a question we often hear from youth we meet across the country.
This workshop will break it down, step by step. Want to volunteer, vote, get your friends organized? We will give you some hints about how to do these things and many more that will help you become a more active citizen.

This presentation will:

•  Give a breakdown of how the system works.
•  Share useful facts about voting and democracy.
•  Give participants how-to information about volunteering, voting, and organizing.

The workshop will be concrete, and make direct links between young people’s lives, the issues they care about, and how they can make a difference.
This bilingual workshop will be presented by a young person, and will be accessible to youth who are both already involved in their communities, and also those young people who haven’t been involved yet but are looking for a first step towards becoming an active citizen.

Workshop Format Length: 2 Hours

Audience: 40 participants or less.

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Reaching Out to Uninvolved Youth: How you can stop 'preaching to the converted' and start getting your message out

Tired of always having the same few people do all the work for your cause? Wish you could find a way of getting your message out to people who don’t already know about your work?
This interactive workshop will give you the tools you need to effectively engage your apathetic peers in your work.

Workshop leaders from Apathy is Boring will cover topics including:

•  Using technology and branding effectively
•  Marketing with no money
•  Tips on thinking outside the box
•  How to reach out to your peers who seem like they don’t care.

Workshop Format Length: 2 hours

Audience: 40 participants or less

Target Audience: 16 - 30 years old.

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Our History

On January 4th 2004 - when a public affairs minded dance choreographer from the Yukon, a filmmaker from Montreal, and a photographer / graphic designer from Vancouver island met at a party, the idea of Apathy is Boring was born.

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Apathy is Boring accomplishes its goals through the following program areas.

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How can I get involved with Apathy is Boring? You can volunteer, become an intern, come out to our shows and help us spread the word. We are always open to donations and suggestions!

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